Harvest Wave Energy to Exhibit at White House Frontiers Conference

Taking an unproven technology from the laboratory to commercialization is no small task.  In order to survive you need to be agile, opportunistic and have plenty of help from your supporters.  Our participation in the Department of Energy's Wave Energy Prize competition has provided a number of monetary and non-monetary benefits that have been critical to our survival so far and for which we are eternally grateful.  Foremost was the $125,000 in seed funding the DOE provided to each of the nine finalists in order to fund fabrication and testing of 1:20th scale wave energy prototypes.  Of equal value to our technology's development has been the wave tank testing and engineering support that the DOE has made available to participants of the competition.  And we shouldn't forget the contributions from our corporate partners, MathWorks, Autodesk, and Resolved Analytics, who have provided reduced fee software and services as part of their missions to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. 

But perhaps the coolest perk of all is the opportunity offered to us last week to exhibit our wave energy technology at the upcoming White House Frontiers Conference.  I encourage you to read more about the conference sponsored by President Obama here as it promises to be a very unique opportunity to see first hand a large number of exciting and innovative technologies attempting to solve the world's greatest challenges.  We share the administration's belief in the potential of wave energy to provide clean, renewable electricity to communities and cities across the United States.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity to share our work with other entrepreneurs and technology developers facing similar challenges and look forward to learning from them as well.  

We will be blogging, tweeting and possibly periscoping from the conference and hope you tune in.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get the latest updates.  And if you will be at the conference please come by our exhibit to learn more.  Officials from the DOE's Wind and Water power program will be there to answer questions about the DOE's mission and vision as well.