Wave Tank Testing

We're taking a break this week from our regular renewable energy marketplace discussions to update our readers on our progress as one of nine finalists competing in the Department of Energy sponsored Wave Energy Prize.  The final round of the competition entails testing of a 1/20th scale model of our prize entry in the Carderock Naval Base wave tank later this year.  The winners of $2.25M dollars in cash prizes will be determined based on wave tank tests and implied techno-economic technology performance and will be announced in November.  We'll explore those calculations used to determine techno-economic potential in future posts as they are of interest in developing cost of electricity projections for early-stage technologies.  For now we are happy to present a quick video of the deployment of our 1/20th scale device in recent wave tank tests, intended to fine tune our device performance and stability characteristics, undertaken at the University of Iowa's Hydraulic Research wave tank facility.  Stay tuned for more.