White House Frontiers Conference Recap

Last Thursday, October 13th, I was honored to represent Harvest Wave Energy and the Wave Energy Prize as a participant in the first ever White House Frontiers Conference, co-hosted by President Obama, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. The conference was intended to imagine our Nation and the world in 50 years and beyond, to explore the innovations that will make the world healthier, more prosperous, more equitable, and more secure, and to spark conversation in five frontiers of innovation:

  • Personal frontiers in health care innovation and precision medicine;
  • Local frontiers in building smart, inclusive communities, including through investments in open data and the Internet of things;
  • National frontiers in harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, including data science, machine learning, automation, and robotics to engage and benefit all Americans;
  • Global frontiers in accelerating the clean energy revolution and developing advanced climate information, tools, services, and collaborations; and
  • Interplanetary frontiers in space exploration, including our journey to Mars

And so it was with great enthusiasm that we learned the White House Office of Science and Technology had invited the Department of Energy's Wave Energy Prize team to exhibit at the conference and that Harvest Wave Energy would be the sole WEP finalist participating.  The list of other exhibitors included some of the worlds greatest research and technology teams working on space exploration, artificial intelligence, smart cities, precision medicine, and clean energy.  That wave energy was one of 24 invited exhibitors speaks to the fact that the industry is gaining traction as an emerging technology capable of meaningfully contributing to our Nation's clean energy challenge.  

We took full advantage of the opportunity to spread the word about the potential of the world's oceans to power the world's homes and businesses.  We received a very warm reception from the city of Pittsburgh and the conference attendees and couldn't be happier to have participated.  Our work continues to unlock all of these wonderful opportunities, and the progression of our technology over the last year and half makes us truly optimistic for the future.  2017 promises to be another exciting year full of continued technology development and front-end engineering of our first ocean going demonstration.

Voice of America did a cool Facebook Live video showcasing all of the exhibitors which you can find here.  You can view just our segment below.

We hope you'll stay tuned for more!